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Welcome to Cryptic Shadows (CSPR) (Kas'per) , your Memphis Ghost Hunters of the Mid South & Desoto County!  We have over 15+ years of experience. We represent one of the leading expert paranormal investigation, Cryptozoology Bigfoot & UFO Research Teams in the field.  Our Mississippi - Tennessee Team is experienced in filming & scientifically investigating stories & real accounts of unknown origin such as Ghostly Apparitions, EVP's, Poltergeists, Ghosts or Spirits, Demons or Demonic Activity, Cryptid or Bigfoot Sightings, Hauntings, UFO's, Alien Abduction, Crop Circles, Animal Mutilation, Mothman Sightings, Strange Encounters, Unexplained Mysteries & Paranormal Phenomena, that on the surface can not be explained through logical reasoning alone.

CSPR takes our clients' accounts of their paranormal events very serious. If you have, or suspect you have, a haunting or something demonic in your home or business & are in need of an experienced investigative team that uses the latest in paranormal investigation technology to assist you, or if you have what you believe to be a Bigfoot or UFO Sighting, Crop Circles, Animal Mutilation, or have experienced an Alien Abduction please contact us. It is our goal to bring your mystery to light for a clearer understanding of what it is you have been experiencing. So if it's ghost hunters, Bigfoot or UFO Researchers you are looking for, call us! We focus mainly on the Memphis Metro Area including Mississippi, Tennessee, & Arkansas, secondary locations are Florida and Louisiana. Our team does, however, travel to haunted locations all over the US & Australia. Located in the Southaven - Olive Branch, Mississippi area, we travel all over.

Angela Ashton, an Empath, Forensics Parapsychologist, & our Cryptic Shadows Team Founder has been a successful Demonologist for 14+ years and is also Founder of the Paranormal S.W.A.T. Team (Spiritual Warfare Assistance Team). Angela retired from demonology in November, 2011.   After retirement, Paranormal S.W.A.T. was unfortunately dissolved March 15, 2012 & is no longer handling demonic cases. If it's a simple haunting you have or a mysterious sighting you seek to have investigated, please contact us.

CSPR always provides our clients with professionalism, confidentiality & respect in every case we investigate. We understand that it is sometimes hard to make the decision to contact a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator & tell them about paranormal events with which you'd ordinarily be too uncomfortable mentioning. We do understand your feelings, & we hold them in the highest regard. Above all, we respect your privacy. Just go to our Request Investigation link. There is never a fee for our services & your case will be handled in the strictest of confidence. All of our members have passed criminal background checks & half of our team are police officers &/or military personnel. We want you to feel secure with the team you have selected to invite into your home. Please Contact Us to request our services. Be sure and check out our simple haunting Videos.

Our Cryptic Shadows Team also focuses on Cryptozoology. We investigate Cryptid sightings such as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Yowies, Mothman, & even UFO's, etc., If you have a sighting to report, Contact Us.


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